Our values

The member firms of the earthlaw.network are co-opted because of their shared values

Excellence and a commitment to continuous learning

Lawyers in earthlaw.network member firms maintain a high level of competence through ongoing training and involvement in scientific and practical activities related to their areas of expertise.
They take part in advanced training courses in their areas of expertise, publish books and write articles for specialist legal journals, and keep their knowledge up to date through regular continuing education.
Some of them have held or hold mandates in universities or higher education establishments.

Efficient service and the desire to find the best solution for the customer

To be efficient, earthlaw.network members limit their practice to a few well-defined areas of law, based on their interconnectedness and interaction.
This choice gives them an in-depth, cross-disciplinary knowledge of these subjects, enabling them to build bridges between the different facets of an issue and to grasp it in its entirety, without spreading themselves too thinly.
Participation in the network and the support it provides reinforce this efficiency​.

A commitment to customer service and to defending a case to the end

Lawyers who are members of the earthlaw.network are as committed to defending their clients’ interests as the client himself, with the aim of winning the case entrusted to them and defending it to the end.

Solidarity and the desire to share knowledge and collaborate with clients

The working method of earthlaw.network member firms involves teamwork, which enables them to act more quickly and efficiently on cases, and to resolve even the most complex legal problems. .

Respect for clients, loyalty, and transparency

The lawyers at earthlaw.network member firms are convinced that mutual respect, loyalty and transparency are the basis of any genuine relationship. They aim to create a strong bond with their customers, driven by the imperatives of trust, ethics and openness. For them, this means being involved in their customers’ businesses, and knowing the many issues at stake, not just legal ones, in the “field”.

As a general rule, the lawyers in the earthlaw.network network are bound by the code of ethics of their profession, which is imbued with the values of respect, loyalty and transparency, as well as those of dignity, conscience, independence, probity, humanity and honor. They are particularly vigilant in upholding these values. In this respect, several of the network’s lawyers hold or have held positions within their bar associations, as advisors, members of disciplinary authorities, or even as President of the Bar. Others are members of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (www.ccbe.eu), the body which lays down the ethical standards applicable to lawyers in their cross-border activities.

Environmental ethics and the refusal to defend a case whose purpose is to worsen a situation from an environmental point of view

Members of the earthlaw.network implement internal procedures to reduce their environmental impact (waste, transport, energy).
They recommend solutions to their customers to help them achieve a successful energy transition and, more generally, a responsible environmental transformation. They assist them in this respect. They do not consider as “just” a cause whose purpose is to wilfully worsen a situation from an environmental point of view, or whose objective is not to comply with its environmental obligations​.

Where can you find us?

earthlaw.network is made up of law firms in 4 European countries. Consult the list of members of our network to find the lawyer best able to advise you.