Why choose us?

Why choose an earthlaw.network member firm?

earthlaw.network guarantees its members’ client a quality lawyer, regardless of the country in which their property or project is located

Participation in the earthlaw.network enables its members to recommend to their clients fellow lawyers who meet the quality standards they have the right to expect from a lawyer who will act quickly and efficiently.
The globalization of the economy requires certain companies to have assets or to expand in different states.
Network member firms co-opt each other’s skills, values and working methods. They know each other, have evaluated each other to create the network together, and regularly review the progress of the cases they entrust to each other​.

earthlaw.network promotes the exchange of informations on the interpretation of similar or like-minded texts, in order to improve the quality of customer service

Lawyers in the earthlaw.network network meet and exchange information on legislative developments in their respective countries. These meetings enable them to compare working methods and, where necessary, develop their practices. These meetings enable them to keep each other abreast of regulatory and case law developments in their areas of expertise.
Although environmental and real estate legislation varies from state to state and even, within a state, from region to region, its evolution is often based on identical principles emanating from international conventions or European regulations. Case law and doctrine developed in one state or region can often be transposed from one legislation to another. The network promotes the transfer of this useful knowledge to improve the quality of day-to-day case management.

earthlaw.network enables optimum management of cross-border cases

Cross-border elements characterize certain environmental cases. The same applies to the construction of certain major infrastructures. Their design and require expertise in two or more legislation. In such cases, the joint work of several earthlaw.network members who know each other, is a clear advantage for the client in this situation.

earthlaw.network helps to improve the drafting and contesting of new legislation

Some member firms of the earthlaw.network assist public authorities in drafting new regulations, or contesting them before the relevant courts.
The existence of the network gives access to lawyers with in-depth knowledge of more modern legislation or court rulings challenging it. Most environmental legislation has its origins in European directives, which have been studied by all members of the network since they were adopted by the European institutions. Collaboration within the earthlaw.network is invaluable when it comes to drafting new regulations based on these directives, or drafting appeals against new legislation.

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