Our approach

The member firms of the earthlaw.network are chosen for their identical approach to cases

A limited range of practice areas

As niche firms, earthlaw.network members voluntarily limit their practice to a few very specific areas of law relating to the environment and real estate, in order to master them perfectly and build bridges between them, thus ensuring access to first-rate advice.

A scientific approach to problems

earthlaw.network members have a scientific approach to the topics they deal with. This is the result of rigorous ongoing training, prior research, the writing of scientific articles and books, and the preparation of symposia and conferences. Some of them teach environmental and real estate studies at universities and colleges. These activities require continuous scientific updating. Others are also members or former members of their professional associations, or experts in European bodies (CCBE…).

A pragmatic approach to issues

earthlaw.network members base their approach on practical experience gained from the number of cases they have handled, and the relationships they maintain with other professionals in the sector (architects, design offices, real estate experts, surveyors, etc.). The pragmatic approach also involves finding practical, effective solutions for customers.

Collaborative approach and teamwork

earthlaw.network member firms promote the pooling of knowledge and expertise through teamwork. This solidarity is expressed both within the firm and within the network.

Where can you find us?

earthlaw.network is made up of law firms in 4 European countries. Consult the list of members of our network to find the lawyer best able to advise you.