The European network of specialized lawyers in environmental law, urban planning, and real estate
Why choose us? the European network of specialized lawyers in environmental law, urban planning, and real estate, an acronym for Environment, Architecture, Real estate, Territorial and Housing Lawfirms Network, is a collaborative European network of leading independent law firms offering tailored, practical, and high-quality legal advice and services in the fields of environment, urban planning, and real estate in their respective countries, within national, cross-border, and European contexts.

The provides its members with the expertise of more than 53 lawyers specializing in environmental, urban planning, and real estate law across 4 different countries. They share ideas, information, experiences, and contacts to enhance the legal value of their interventions for their respective clients.

The legal skills, values, and working methods of the members of the enable them to anticipate the legal implications associated with strategic decisions of a company or individuals, advise them, and assist them in a spirit of close operational support, quickly and efficiently, regardless of the legal complexity of the case, the urgency of the situation, and the location of the property.

Carefully selected niche firms composed of recognized expert lawyers in their respective legal domain

Members of the are carefully selected law firms specializing in environmental, urban planning, and real estate law.
They are co-opted by all network members on the basis of their specialization, reputation, working methods, ethics and values. Their lawyers are recognized experts in their field. Some of them publish in reference works and specialized legal reviews and teach their specialties at universities and colleges.

These law firms are chosen for their similar approach to cases.

expert lawyers


law firms

Law firms with shared values

Members of the are co-opted for their shared values:

  • Excellence and a commitment to continuous learning;
  • Efficiency in service and the desire to find the best solution for the client;
  • Commitment to customer service and the will to defend the case to the end;
  • Respect for the client, loyalty and transparency;
  • Solidarity and willingness to share knowledge and collaborate with the client;
  • Environmental ethics and the refusal to defend an operation whose purpose is to willfully worsen an environmental situation.

Where can you find us? is made up of law firms in 4 European countries. Consult the list of members of our network to find the lawyer best able to advise you.


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